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Pardis, The Iranian Restaurant
• Bangkok Pardis restaurant, enjoying over 300 square meters space, having two floors and 195 seats, is located at a very easy spot to access public transportations, hotels, malls and parks.

• Pattaya Pardis restaurant, enjoying over 270 square meters space, having two floors and 180 seats, is located in a similar spot and also near Pattaya beach.

• Under Iranian managment, having and Iranian head chef and in a family enviroment, Pardis is serving two different menus ( open menu and special menu). It hosts your ceremonies, meetings and celeberations, and provides a good space of multimedia coverage and ventilation services. The restaurant offers catering services as well.

Pardis' personnel can speak Persian and the restaurant imports its required raw materilas from Iran.

Halal restaurant in Thailand, Iranian foods in Bangkok and Pattaya

Thailand halal restaurant (Bangkok halal food / Pattaya halal meal)

Persian Kebab and Khoresh and other Persian meals, halal meat, halal kabab, halal beverage, drinks in Persian restaurant Iranian foods: All kinds of Kebab and khoresh, Iranian cuisine Kabob (Kebab) in Pardis chain restaurant - Thailand